Weekend Wrap Up

All year I wait for the Sun Golds to come in and they are finally here.
If you need me I will be in a tomato comma for the rest of the summer.

Even though it's a Hallmark Holiday it's never a bad idea to get everyone together for dinner. 
Onions, mushrooms and bell peppers marinated and about to go in the oven. 

The menu was grilled chicken and shrimp kabobs and while there is no photographic evidence let's just say that the "dogs never left the kitchen" Make of that what you may.

 This is my grandchild.
He does a fair dog paddle but I fear he may never make a good mat rider.

As it traditional for this holiday there were gifts. 
Above is a close up of the cuttlefish logo on my new favorite t-shirt.

 Below is a shark themed objet d'art. 
The kids never let me forget that there are sharks out there.

I also will be eating free at Wahoo's for the next month on the gift card from another son.

I would have more pictures but as part of the festivities I wasn't allowed to help with the preparations other than to sit on the couch with a glass of wine and watch the finish of the Tour de Suisse. Things got a little blurry toward the end of the evening and it took me a while to even find the camera this morning.


Unknown said…
We normally grow a load of sun golds but its been so wet and cold this year we havent bothered. Like the T.

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