Spring Fever

I've got it bad

The weather has been warm, shorts and t-shirt weather
(is the water really in the mid 60's already?)

the plants are flowering and doing there best to assure a new generation

I have a new mat that is showing great promise waiting patiently to be semi inflated and ridden

there is even a new southie forecast for over the weekend (SW 192)

but I sit here

a prisoner of Lake Forrest

nothing I can do but

drink more espresso

and espresso myself writing Paipo bumper stickers

for a few more hours


Surfsister said…
Paipo "bummer stickers"? Oh dear.
pranaglider said…
"me talk pretty one day" but as for the writing, spelling and punctuation there really is no hope.
Unknown said…
mate, i love that BW image
what's the origin?
pranaglider said…
Briney, No idea something I found on the internets. Neat though isn't it

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