You remember the old shoes?

A great pair, fit very well and felt good during the run too.


and it seems that there is always a but

plantar fasciitis seems to be rearing its ugly head and I thought that the concrete jungle I navigate to get to the running fields (I can't stand the thought of driving to a place to run) might be to blame.

So I got the new shoes

You remember the new shoes

same as the old shoes but more padding and more neon.

I like the new shoes

we still disagree about how much brightness a color should contain but what's a few lumens between friends?

So since my motto is "Damn the torpedoes and full speed ahead!" or perhaps "break'em in and up the mileage" I have forged ahead.

But I have been stocking up on ginger and every runners friend, ibuprofen.

Just to play it safe.


Piskian said…
Robin Thomson said…
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Robin Thomson said…
Yes I agree with Piskian I would seriously look at fivefingers,
The modern runner with a heel and extreme instep support is now suspected of causing damage to some peoples feet and ankles and in particular plantar fasciitis. This is definitely a no no to get as it can takes months and months to get over and some extreme cases never do. Do yourself the favour Prana and check out some of the research.
pranaglider said…
First off thanks for your comments. I have done some (ok alot) of research into barefoot running. Probably the most important of which is that most of my symptoms go away when I'm walking around barefoot around the house. So this is something I'm definitely looking into. It makes perfect sense. I'll be the guy that rides the funny mat, that wears the funny toe shoes, and that writes the funny blog. (In this case I am using funny not in the ha ha sense but in the unusual, strange and weird sense). I try to fit in, not rock the boat, I even use Windows! So it's not the shoes per se it's more a matter of letting the freak flag fly. Thanks again for your comments
ras said…
hey Prana

I'm no expert runner but I too have read much of the research - and especially that of Dr. Daniel Lieberman. at the end of the day it's not the footwear that causes injury - it's form. and it can take a lot of work to correct form. this would be similar to teaching someone who turns off the fins on their thruster to learn to use the rail.

the bits I' ve gathered are to use shorter strides and land on the forefoot. over time, your arches and calves will strengthen and so on.
pranaglider said…
RAS, thanks for commenting. I have always been a forefoot runner. I took a ton of teasing in school for "running on my toes" so I'm good there. My calves are more heffer than calve (a gift from my father and using duckfeet). I'm careful to not to overstride. I try to spend my running time working on breathing, running slowly and running with good form. Good thoughts though and I continue to monitor these. As an update the PF seems better this morning my right achilles tendon is better too. Have I mentioned that all my troubles are on my right side? The left side is fine. thanks and how is the job / writing coming along?
Piskian said…
I thought fivefingers would be pretty common out there.It's the West Coast,right?Home of outdoor innovation?
The reason I like them is that they force you to run on the forefoot,avoiding heelstrike,which for a lot of people sends impact shock right through knee ,up to hip and back(even neck in my case!)
My feet used to be gnarly,bunched twisted toes,and knackered knees and lower back.
Started wearing FFs around hose,then walking on tarmac(asphalt)then offroad,then gentle short runs,now I run whenever and wherever(West Cornwall granite-strewn coastpath,gravel etc),for the pure fun of it.
Strengthened my feet for finning too,no more cramps.
Worth the initial expense,as they don;t have midsole to break down,I've been using same pair for 3 years.I should be working for Vibram on commission!
The coconut,kangaroo leather and Smartwool ones are best-don;t get so stinky!

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