It's amazing

Kissaki from Pearl Izumi - Neon colors are in this year.
I didn't like it the last three times that neon was IN and I will survive but if they try and bring back disco I'm going to the mattresses.

While my work schedule and acceptable surf conditions have not been synced up lately the running has been coming along nicely.

I am currently "plateaued" at a distance too short to mention. I'm also finding that while I can run Monday and I can run Tuesday I had better plan on sitting out Wednesday if I would like to still be ambulatory on Thursday. Since my body is demanding rest or "recovery" as it's refereed to in the vernacular, I have been shooting for an every other day run with yoga to stretch out on a daily basis.

A couple of things I have noticed along the way.

My body has been doing remarkably well but my mind however has managed to revolt on a daily basis.

(nothing new there really, "in my mind I'm already gone")

For some reason it's a struggle to get changed into my running gear and get out the door on some days.

The first couple of miles are fraught with thoughts of

"don't feel very well today"
"may have to cut the run short"
"maybe I should avoid the hills today"

but I've learned to just ignore these thoughts and run.

I've found that only after the first couple of miles should start to listen to mind
I listen to my lungs, my ankles, my feet and my legs right away.
Interestingly enough they are generally pretty quiet.

Another thing

My usual route includes some hills
(what constitutes a hill is a very subjective matter and right now these are hills)
Due to the active geology in Southern California the down hills that I bearly notice on the trip out turn into mountains that could require fixed ropes on the way back home.

It's amazing



Brine Time said…
Mate, I really enjoyed this post, Alkthough it made me feel like a real slob, it al;so motivated me to attempt to run two days in a row. cheers
Brine Time said…
a semantic slob as well - too slack to check for typos
Dr. Lang said…
Due you stretch before running?
I used to stretch before basketball but found I hurt more things than when I didn't stretch.Some people say stretch and some say just do a lite warm-up.Just curious what you've found.Thanks.
pranaglider said…
Briney - Lace'em up up and get out there.

Dr. For me, I stretch before, during and after. It helps me stay in touch with what my body is feeling at that moment. I'm amazed at the things I miss if I'm not paying attention. I also start off my run with some walking. Usually I run in the afternoons and I've been sitting all day except for lunch when I walk around. So I really need to get myself ready for exercise. Maybe a little over kill but I don't want to injure myself and have to start up again in 6-8 weeks.

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