The rain has stopped

but it's still dripping off the roofs

Little drops of mercury on all the plants.

Some how I thought that the most fun I could possibly have right now

would be to go out for a run.

That was until I turned the corner and the wind

(remember me?)

hits me face, arms, legs and hands

why are my hands so cold?

So as I limp along

looking like a graduate (with honors)

from the

Surf Sista School of Zombie Walking, Middle Aged Jogging and Cowbell Appreciation Society

it occurs to me that this is so much like meditation

it always seems like a good idea

until you do it

then your little voice spends

the next hour

going over all the reasons

real and unreal

why it's not

a good idea.

So I'm going to stop


as soon as I get back home

which is conveniently situated

only two miles away


Good Stuff!


Surfsister said…
I'm trying hard to graduate from my own damn school and get back on my mats!
pranaglider said…
I get a tear in my eye every time I see the graduates, dressed in their cap and gown limping down the aisle to the strains Pomp and Circumstance and cowbell...

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