A brief update on the ongoing running practice

First off, I haven't had so much fun in a while.

I know I said in an earlier post that I would never post split times, mileage and the rest of the metrics people obsess about. So I have added my times, mileage and weight loss together. Then added the digits in that number until I came up with one single digit.


There it is out in the open

I'm so proud. (my number was 6 just last week)

I have been studying the Internets for running lore and training tips. I have also asked as many questions of the runners I know as courtesy will allow. My findings are as follows.


The more the better
(I can only say duh!)

Don't run too much as injury cuts back on the amount of running you can do in a week.
(Double duh)

Your shoes (if you decide on wearing any) should fit and be appropriate for the surface you run on.
(Haven't we all been there done that with fins, mats, and surfboards?)

Alternate your runs. Sometimes run fast for a short distance. Sometimes run slow for a longer distance.

Not so difficult and I'm having a blast.

Endorphins are my new favorite fins.


Surfsister said…
My knee is what made me stop running years ago. My new knee is what allowed me to start running again!! I don't run often. When I do run, I run in the soft sand and love every step . . . even though it hurts and my lungs feel like they'll explode. Do you think the metallic ankle will like running too? We shall see! Good job, Prana!!
pranaglider said…
I ran a bit in college but after my dad had both knees replaced I put it on the back burner and relied on surfing and yoga for my endorphin fix. I thought well I'll have xrays done sometime and see what's left of the ole meniscus then. I turns out they both look good! Stoked. I'm starting out late but that's ok.

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