I live in a world

I live in a world
 where the surf is always
 2-3 feet and from the south west

I live in a world
 where everyone drives a VW
 either a bug or a bus

I live in a world
 where all surfboards have the dimensions
 13" 19" 12" with the wide point is moved up one inch from center

I live in a world
 where the winds
 are always light and variable

I live in a world
 where gas is 23 cents a gallon
 and you get stamps with that

I live in a world
 where the enormous graphics on the front on my tee shirt
 are two little embroidered feet

I live in a world
 where when someone says that's sick
 you say, "Sorry, get well soon"

I live in a world
 where you can buy a shaped blank
 and glass it yourself

I live in a world
 where 4 friends can split a 2 bedroom for 100 bucks a month
 close to the beach

I live in a world
 where you had to get things done on Saturday
 because the stores are all closed on Sunday

I live in a world
 where TV has channels 2, 4, 5, 7 , 9, 11 and 13
 and after midnight those stations go off the air

I live in a world
 where I don't have a favorite video game
 which gives me dozens of hours to go outside and play

I live in a world
 where surfer are strong swimmers and can bodysurf
 because that's what you do when you lose your board


pranaglider said…
Parts of this obviously unfinished piece was bouncing around in my head when I woke up this morning. Sorry to inflict bad poetry on you all on a Monday after the bad time change but I didn't want to leave this roaming around my skull, too dangerous. I would be writing new pieces for days or weeks. Now I have more time to devote to important thoughts like why am I hungry for lunch when it is only 11 o'clock? Feel free to follow the form and add your own "I live in a world" pieces here in the comments.
Great post Prana thanks for your poetry. We enjoy the same world. Aloha and Cowa-flexit! Cher and Steve
Valerie Johnson said…
LOVE your poem and the world it describes! Wish I could go back and live there full time -I WOULD want to take along my 21st century mat and hulls, but I'd leave most of the other modern so-called "improvements" behind!
Val said…
I live in a world

where people look where they're going when they walk

open a door to let an approaching person walk through, regardless of that person's age or gender

and even smile and talk to strangers occasionally.

What a concept!
val (again, sorry!) said…
P.S. I live in a world where you can also find Post Fortified Oat Flakes at any supermarket! Whatever happened to THOSE?

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