Slowly and not very far

I'm continuing to develop a running practice.

Slower than molasses and not very far either.

It's all part of my master plan.

I have reached out to several what are called Master runners in the community

For advice

(Totally blown away by how many surf BTW)

The best chunk of advise so far

"When I coach younger runners I try to make them understand that on one hand you have your training, hard running, fast running etc and on the other hand you have over training and injury. The object is to monitor the two. To get as much of the good training as your body can do without getting too much of what is in the other hand (over training and injury)"

So that's your advice to me?

"No", he said.

"For you training and injury are both in the same hand"

I have no idea what he means.

But it does give me something to think about as I run.

Slowly and not very far


Piskian said…
Bleddy bizarre set of circumstances when runners now assume they'll be injured no matter how much they run.Like UDT wearers hoho!
jdo said…
run barefoot!!
pranaglider said…
Jdo - I have a pair of New Balance MT110's in my shoe quiver that I really like. (I have a shoe quiver?!) so barefoot is something I'm definitely looking into.

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