Prepping for the Giving Thanks Holiday

Hopefully not exactly like this Dan Ackroyd parody of Julia Child on SNL

Hoping to score some surf Thursday maybe Friday

while most are recovering from their

Tryptophan euphoria.

If you are planning holiday shopping

you might want to check out the

so much better than that

"surfing book" than aunt Jane

sent you last year.

The Surfer's Journal has a great piece by

I'm still working my way through the issue

it looks like a good one.

New Links

Today in the new links section I have two new blogs

that I think you will like

Karmic Voyager is off to a great start

I am looking forward to see where this one goes

Rorer714 is another freshy that bears watching

Since I'm not sure of my posting schedule

I want to wish you all a good week.


Jamie said…

more fresh bloggy goodness

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