From the rafters - Phil Edwards Model

Shaped and Designed by Phil

This should have been the teaser shot from last week
This Destination Surf canvas bag has been everywhere!

Classic Edwards shape with three stringers
Volan glass and 3 stick blank

A lot of extra wood / work in these blanks
Glass leash loop

Special Phil Edwards model gold lams

There are two of these old Hobie lams on the bottom

Signature on top of the glass work

Nose rail shot

Tail rail

A great board when the surf is small and perfect with slight off shores.

Phil Edwards - Picture from a story at the Honolulu Star Bulletin

If you grew up surfing in Southern California in the 60's Phil Edwards was the King.

Between the movies and the boards and the boats,

Mr Edwards was at ground zero of the Southern California surf lifestyle movement.

Not in a marketing and promotional way, he was just a class act who like to surf and sail.

When he was done he just sailed away in his catamaran "El Gato"

First out at Pipeline
Photo by Grannis

I bought this board used up in Huntington years ago.

A beautiful board by a master craftsman.

Sadly it up for sale.

Inquires contact pranaglider at hotmail dot com


Quiver said…
I grew up in the 80's-90's and I still strive to surf like Phil. No showboating, just making the wave and staying in the pocket the whole time.
pranaglider said…
Wow several emails to my PGlider account already!

I really didn't know there was that much demand for these boards.

It's a 9'0".

I can send higher res photos to interested parties.
Beetlejuice said…
How much for that tool? BTW love the boardbag "striptease" !
pranaglider said…

I actually put it up for sale before researching the going rate.

Perfect examples are going for 3-5K


This one is great condition so I'll just let the deep pocket collectors fight it out.

I would really like to keep it

Shoot me an email and we can talk
Beetlejuice said…
er,just curious anyway...
pranaglider said…
Just a quick update. The board didn't sell. But if you are interested and serious let me know.
Anonymous said…
I have an original 9'4 late 80s
In amazing condistion
Fire sale on Oahu
Unknown said…
I'm looking for a Phil Edwards Model 9.0 from the 1990's.
With modern fin box and wood tail.
Shipping to the UK.

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