Things you need for fall

New towel
well at least wash that stinky one in the trunk

Another wetsuit
you need two
if you don’t they never dry out all winter and that can't be good
I can't afford a new wetsuit this year so I am going to give this a try
I'm going to alternate between my two old ones
At least I can get into a dry one
I have high hopes that they'll last longer
Another pair of booties
they REALLY never dry out, even if you only surf on weekends
if you can’t swing the whole other wetsuit
go with the booty thing
you’ll be glad you did
funky booty mold is worse than nuclear waste

A hood
you lose a large percentage of your body heat from your head
Surfers ear is no picnic
Really important if you surf where there's wind

Ear plugs
the poor man’s hoody
I have noticed that even without the hood I am significantly warmer when I wear earplugs.When you add in the possibility that you are at least slowing down ear exostosis it's a win - win deal.
(sorry about throwing in the win-win corp speak but I need to keep in practice in case I ever land a job)

Winter fins
If you use fins in your surfing you need to get a bigger pair since you will probably be wearing full booties now. No one enjoys the foot and leg cramps from wearing too small fins. It may be time to get "more fin" as well as winter conditions are generally a little heavier than summer.

Board Leash
If you use a leash winter is probably time to get a new one
Board length and surf height appropriate

Winter wax
Probably time to clean off your old wax, fix any dings and reapply water temp appropriate wax

glassy morning

turns to side shore afternoon

tourist still hunt for parking


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