Was that a raccoon?

Hmmm, what's on deck for next week's board from the rafters?
Nope not that pile, but it looks like my bike tires need air.

Maybe this one?

Definitely on the list, but not next week.

That one in the blue bag! A classic!

Was that a raccoon, that ran by?

So other than that I got nothing.

It does look like I got a sinus infection from not surfing
(what are the odds?)
and I feel kinda funky.

So enjoy the swell this weekend.


The Inflatinator

PS Thanks to the Drift Surfing Tweetor for the handle


David J. Hirsh said…
You're having fun with anticipation. Meanwhile, my spot is maxed out and I'm fondly recalling summer longboard sessions. At least my weekly pool mileage is on the rise.
Unknown said…
You got a decent road bike you wanna sell? I'm looking for something in the 60cm size range.
pranaglider said…
3T - everything changes just wait

K1 - No 60's but I'll keep my eye out for one

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