Jazz the F@#$%ing Glass!

You got it right folks,

GnarGnar's got a new one out

Premiering December 12th at the Hurley Cultural Center in Costa Mesa

If you haven't seen Invasion from Planet C

A) you live under a rock
B) you really missed it

Invasion from Planet C is one of my top ten surf movies of all time!

Here is the Planet C trailer

But that was then and this is now

I believe this is a prequel in the Stoke / Glass trilogy and happens before the Invasioners come for our stoke

Oh , never mind just watch the trailers

Are there more trailers?

You want more trailers?

You can't handle more trailers!

Here is trailer two

Check the Surf a Pig blog for more information


pranaglider said…
I'm so looking forward to this new movie! The last one was hysterical and had great surfing

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