Getting to be that time of year

I normally surf in the mornings

I like the stillness of the new day

slight off shores

the dawn revealing peaky goodness.

But the Fall,

she has other ideas.

foggy mornings,

ridiculously fat morning tides,

not to mention slipping into wet booties.

Fall suggests I change my tact

maybe a slow meander to the beach

arriving around the crack of noon.

the tide is out

and the air temp

has risen to a respectable level.

light winds have replaced morning glass with a slight texture

Too bad it's still flat


6ftnperfect said…
hey, rad blog, found it through your tweet! I followed your plan yesterday, and found some fun if not small waves. Today I went to the gym. Not as fun.
pranaglider said…
Can't be,
no one actually,
reads tweets!
we enjoy your poetry and beautiful photos!
changing of the seasons. . .
pushingtide said…
You are lucky you have that option!!! Actually even if I did have that option of cruisin' out late, don't know if I could. I love the dark fog.

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