Day Light Savings

Stop playing with my arbitrary time reference points!

I know about Benjamin Franklin's plan to save lamp oil etc

But the dogs and cats don't understand and my stomach doesn't understand

So change it a half an hour and leave it alone!

(sorry about the rant but I hate this stuff,

((but not enough to move to Arizona))

and this is the "good" change)

OK done with that until next time

All Hallows eve!

I had a good time!

Passed out candy

almost passed out from eating too much candy!

didn't get to watch my movies

but I had a good time

and I was thinking about making some changes...

First off EVERYONE gets to go out

in costume and get some treats

Age appropriate adjustments must be made to the treats however

Little kids -

still get candy, some things are already perfect

Tweens -

so what do you get a tween? The best marketers of our time are making billions on the market segment but I have no idea. Twilight tickets?

Legit teenagers -

This group is easy, beer, pizza and condoms. You can't beat the classics.

Twenty / Thirty somethings -

Hair products seem to be the rage. Keep it from falling out for the men and products to straighten, curl, color and shape it for the ladies. Maybe a SUV or a SUP?
(What they really need is a baby sitter for those rug rats but that's just me)

Forty / Fifty / Sixty -

Sample size Viagra for the men and for the women a day at the spa

Sixty plus -

Grandma and Grandpa don't want no stinking treats!
But they will empty the bowl when you aren't looking,
so they're good with the classics too!

So that's enough for a Monday!

The coffee / candy buzz is starting to wear off.




pranaglider said…
Posts have been weird lately.

I would like, in my defense, to point out that the "surf" has been non existent (although the conditions are nice ((if you discount the high tide in the morning))).

Although the combination of lack of exercise, coffee and too much candy may have more to do with it.

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