Post Stoke Wednesday

There is the legendary wall at Malibu but this one did quite nicely.
I spent a bit of time wonder what I could do that would allow me to spend my working days in that office complex in the upper left. 

There are never any pictures of the photographers. 
Ken Samuels official photographer of the revolution!

If you want to see, feel, talk and ride alt surf craft, this was the place!

Some new flash hand planes from Slyde next to some hand crafted beauties from Mr. Mike

Pendos' Paipo was a happy blending of glass spoon, paipo and

Christine Brailsford's work is awesome and at the top of the list of craft to ride next time

The Thumb was there!

My next mat is going to have a cup holder like the Manta Ray!

PMK probably thinking "this kook needs some sun block and a cup holder"



What's next?

Check it out!


Matt23 said…
Would love to have come to this. Bruce could you post any footage Im not on facebook? ;-)

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