Misc Friday

Dark clouds this morning at dawn

A quick check of the local Doppler radar shows another batch of monsoonal moisture moving past.

The weather forecasts call for cooler temps next week

but that was the forecast said last week and it continued hot all week

so we will just have to see what happens

There is a Vintage Surf Auction this weekend in HB.

More info HERE and a live internet auction HERE

If you like that sort of thing.

I looked at the online listings and it cracks me up to see boards from the 70's in a "Vintage Auction". I road boards like that. There are some still in the garage. How funny.

Wait a minute if those are vintage boards and I rode them when they were new does that mean I'm vintage too?



The World Body Surfing contest is this weekend too. At O-side! Check it out HERE


Piskian said…
You;re not vintage,mate.You're pristine Veteran.
pranaglider said…
Indeed I weep for those poor souls that are "historically challenged"!

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