Early Fall

As I write this bit this morning

it's still hot

the temps only got down to 70 last night

it's almost 6 o'clock in the morning

and it's still dark outside

early fall

Beware The Undertoad!

on the pulse side

the water, which I thought would never warm up finally has

and there has even been some surf

since the circus left town and the contest curse has lifted

Photo by Kenneth Samuels 
"The Official Photographer of the Revolution"

the northern half of the southern california pod of prone riders

 scored big time from the looks of it

I wasn't there

preferring to be caught in a riptide 

for most of the day

some miles south


Henry Hester said…
Rips all up and down the coast.

Looks like our sister scored a cover shot if not a fb profile photo.
Surfsister said…
That wave on that day on that mat at that time! There are no words.
Unknown said…
Dude it's dark because you haven't opened your eyes. Yer still in dream. hehehehe
We have early Spring Down Under, though it's still icy at dawn as there's no moisture to retain the heat of the day. Good surf weather though.

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