Thank you

I would like to thank all the folks that have stopped by 23B to offer their condolences and words of support.

sitting alone
waiting for the sun
I smell the ocean

I am not writing anything that would pass for a post here although I have been doing some things on Face Book.

Maybe after the long weekend. Or maybe not, it maybe time for a change.

Speaking of which, just a quick note to share, it's no secret that the swell will be up from sources near and far this weekend.

Since this coincides with "the last long weekend in Summer" and a quite warm August you can be certain that  the crowds will be epic.

So keep an eye out for the tourists, they are just trying to cool off and have some fun.

i have often encouraged you to all pick up some trash from the beach every time you go

this time I am asking each of you to pick a swimmer out of the rip

the lifeguards are going to have their hands full


Piskian said…
My suggestion is:throw an emmet into the surf;especially an incomer or haermorrhoid(comes down,difficult to get back up,pain in the arse meantime).We serioucly need a depopulation in the Old Country...
Sorry,Bruce,can;t help it!

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