My choclate covered peanut butter cups,

Like the wicked witch of the west,

are melting.

It's that time of the year

when if we actually had AC

it would be on

full blast.

Nothing to do really but go to the beach.

(If I must I must)

Lucked into a meetup with JJ back from his travels

then lucked into some NW wind swell to cross up the predominate South.

Peak a rama

I also go to try out the Churchill fins I won at the raffle a couple of weeks ago

good fins

one day doesn't make for a complete test

and there are a couple of holes in my feet that weren't there before

but a little rash is to be expected when trying out new equipment.

The plan for today is to go back and do it all again.

Stay cool and make sure you and your pets have plenty of water to drink


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