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Always get a good looking dog because you always end up looking like them.
If you don't believe me take a good look the next time you are at the dog park.

Amby - November 08

The surf was pretty fun on Saturday. My wife had accompanied me to Bolsa and the water was warm, the sun was out and it was a full on summer day.

When we got home my girl Amby was showing signs that her congestive heart failure was worsening. A trip to the vet confirmed our suspicions and an Xray showed that her heart was enlarged and she had fluid built up in her lungs. We received a blood thinner and a diuretic. The same stuff that most of the older population is using to manage similar problems.

In this case it would be enough and she passed away a few hours later in our front yard.

She was a good girl, the smartest dog I have ever known and would do absolutely anything for cheese.

My wife and I are "animal people" so we don't have pets we have four legged furry family members.

Her passing has been hard for me and hard for everyone in our family. But we will grieve and move on as we all must do.

The mornings I write 23B she was always right here with me and I miss her terribly.

This will be my last post for a while, it's just too much for me to sit here alone.


I mentioned Amby in a post a while back so I'm re-posting those bits below.

I have given up the mindful walking practice in the house
One step one breath
Because the dog
A herding breed
Takes it as a stalking posture
An invitation to play
She freezes and stares me down
I crackup, unable to do move forward
Other than to laugh and receive the gift and instruction

Reminds me of the time
I was testing out my new meditation cushion
Sitting in my best position
Legs folded
Back straight
Head level
Counting my breaths
Hands carefully folded
In the Cosmic Mudra
all the classic bull shit

The dog took one look
And placed her nose
Deeply into the hollow of my oh so solemnly folded palms
“stop this foolishness and scratch me behind my ears!”
Chop wood, carry water, pet the dog!


Dearest Prana family, we are so sorry for your loss, and send our sincere sympathy. Love and Aloha, Cher and Steve xoxo
Surfsister said…
What a beautiful dog! I am amazed each and every day by how much my dog makes me laugh. I am equally amazed by how much he loves us (even when I accidentally step on him). I am really saddened about the death of your beautiful family member, Prana. Know that I'll be thinking of you guys, okay?
Robin Thomson said…
Hey Prana
Our two toy poodles are not dogs either but family members who tend to dominate our lives. Cannot bare to think what you are going through at the moment. Such a sad time. Our thoughts are with you, the missus and the rest of your family.
Brian McKie said…
My heart goes out to you guys. The hardest thing I have ever had to do was put my best buddy down.
My thoughts will be you and your family.
HeadHighGlassy said…
My sincerest condolences, Prana. Dogs have an incredible ability to tell us what we need to hear (Stop taking yourself so seriously! in my case) gently and affectionately. If we could all learn this, the world would be a bette place. Amby sounds like a true gift. Take care.
pranaglider said…
Thank you all for your kind words. It means a great deal to me.
I am so sorry to hear this... My heart goes out to you and your family...
Kirk said…
Sorry to hear that, it's never easy losing a good companion that gives you the unconditional joy a dog does. I hope I don't wind up looking like ours!
so sorry, this stuff is never easy.i lost my good dog 28 years ago. time has helped but i still miss him.
all our best, steiny
jean grey said…
Aww. This is really sad. Losing a dog isn't easy. They are part of our family. We love and treasure them the most.
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daniel said…
man that sounded like the best dog ever sorry for your loss guys

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