Stanley shows up at the hand plane meet...

and I forgot my camera

fortunately my wife had her phone!

So here is a shot of the Stanley Cup.

It's so big because it has the names of everyone from every team that has won the cup.

It is a wildly popular trophy even amongst non hockey fans because the cup is traditional passed between members of the winning team who take on day trips out in the real world (like the beach) no sitting in a glass case for the Stanley cup.

A bit of mat trivia my mini mat is on the chair next to the cup (under the hat)

I had a great time in Manhattan, the eggs were good the coffee was strong and I met a bunch of people I usually only talk to on the internets.

I wonder what today will be like, the swell is on the rise and you never really know who you will see


Surfsister said…
It was great to see the Prana spouses again!!

I'm still a little weirded out by the Stanley Cup being at the beach.!
pranaglider said…
Mary, Nice to see you guys too! Mat meet on the horizon!

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