Fried like an egg

The Paipo Stokefest went off in what can only be called flawless conditions!

We pulled up and saw a set of sheet glass waves break on the north side and peel off in both directions.

As people started showing up (rough estimates of 100+ at the peak) the collection of surf vehicles grew.

If you like alt craft this was heaven.

I'm temporarily lost for descriptive adjectives but imagine you are at Sacred Craft but it's at the beach and you can look at a board, get the nod from the shaper and be in the water surfing it in under five minutes.

Fortunately my wife took over a 150 shots and while it's going to take me a while to sort thought them and post them all but here are a few.

Big Stokefest shout out to Glen,  Dre, Marvin, Jon, Christine, PMK and all the others that made this such a great event!

You may be wondering about the title to this post.
It seems in my excitement I forgot the all important sunscreen.
Now bad is it? Let me give this example.
Later in the evening I'm in bed with my wife and say "C'mon sweetie turn out the light I want to go to sleep! She turns to me and says, "the lights been out for an hour. That glow is coming from your nose Rudolph!"



mrmike said…
oboy that was some fun can we do it again dad?
stellar! i wish i could have been there
Robin Thomson said…
Now that looked like a bit of good old fashioned fun!
Anonymous said…
My 10 year old daughter loved it
Her favorite board was the English Cornwall one
She wants to make one herself but a little shorter with rounder corners
Henry Hester said…
The surf was really good for beachbreak! it was great to connect Bruce!

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