Thursday Stokefest Reminder

It's on!

There may be more info available on the Paipo Society

Lots of fun as everyone trades surf craft for a wave or two.

New info

A couple of things

First you want to go to the south parking lot as the north one is under construction

Second there is a long standing tradition as these gatherings being a lot of fun

Now I wouldn't be so bold as to say that we will be having as much fun as the people in the pictures

that bar has been set very high

or low if you are thinking in terms of the limbo

but either way, come have a good time, share some waves

Maybe years from now someone will be looking thruugh youtube and say,

I think I just saw Grandma and Grandpa on youtube and it looks like they were having lots of



pranaglider said…
It seems that due to the number of attendees the Stokefest may need to mosey down the road to a new location. Keep your radio dialed to KMAT 23.0 on your dial for all of the breaking news as it develops or even before it develops cause we just kind of make this stuff up as we go along anyway...

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