Higgs boson is real!

Not a picture of Higgs boson - altough maybe it is

Today is the day we celebrate

a football game

30 percent off a new mattress

a day off of work


I forget but it will come to me in a minute

But whatever you are celebrating

people celebrate differently

some like to drive in heavy traffic to crowded beaches

and spend some quiet time with friends.


I like to celebrate the day by

never leaving the house

hiding out in the bathtub

drinking wine from a box

until the "bombs bursting in air"

settle down to a dull roar.

Maybe tomorrow I'll go for a surf


So you are at the picnic and everyone is talking particle physics

(btw what kind of parties are you going too anyway?)

And what are the those guys at Cern talking about?

More info here

Mass baby it's all about mass

well that and energy

and my personal favorite

variable inflation.

Happy Independence Day!


Dr. Lang said…
Speaking of mass, Joey Chestnut enjoyed 68 Nathan hotdogs in honor of the 4th.Yum

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