A Weasley in Yellow at TDF!

Bradley Wiggins, one of the more obscure members of the Weasley clan, is in the yellow jersey in the TDF! More of a muggle than a wizard but still a fast bugger on a bike. Good team support too.

You remember I mentioned earlier that Big Mat was a major sponsor in this years Tour de France?

Well Big Mat team rider Thibaut Pinot has taken a stage win in the race!

Here he is telling the crowd about the joys of mat riding and variable inflation.

We have gotten a transcript of part of his acceptance speech "... you kick into the wave then you just let your arms go like dis as you fly along the wave face, the feeling of speed is incredible..."

The news was very well received and the major mat makers have all had to add another shift on at the plant.

No word from Mark if a Cadel Evans model is in the works but a BMC racing mat in the black and red team colors has been spotted at Kirra.

Paul is offering a limited time offer of any 4GF  mat with distinctive TDF stripes woven into the fabric!

All at a discounted price. Can't beat that!

More details here!


Piskian said…
Hilarious.We find names like Levi Leipheimer and Teejay Van Garderen ludricous,and their pretensions to TDF glory likewise.Zabriskie who?
Go Wiggo!!!!!

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