Burritos, Burritos, Burritos

Wandering thru the interwebs a few months back

I came across a contest, a question really

What do you eat after a run?

I answered, as I answer all questions of reasonable dignity and importance, with


So the nice people at Brooks Running liked my answer or perhaps they just thought that I needed shoes.

Anyway I was chosen as one of the handful of winners and received a gift certificate good for a new pair of shoes and a free signed copy of Scott Jurek's new book Eat and Run

The book came a few weeks ago and it's an interesting read and has some interesting recipes

The shoes came yesterday after much hemming and hawing about style and sizing.

They feel good and are wide enough for my Fred Flintstone feet.

I haven't done any miles yet but I expect good things!


Growling Gecko said…
Well done actually winning a competition! I have never managed that feat so I am impressed! Do take care of those joints of yours though.
pranaglider said…
Thank you Robin but "randomly chosen" might be a better description than "winning". My joints will no doubt wind up in a pile at the end of the road with the rest of my carcass so not to worry. I should, given the circumstances, get a bike ride so as to offset some of the pounding.

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