Interesting dream last night
I thought I would share

I was out for a run
but it wasn't really a run

I'm going thru some foot hills and cut down an arroyo to get to the water

And then I get to this place

That is obviously Rincon

But it's not Rincon

because it's Malibu

As I look out to sea there is Greenough

but it's not Greenough

because he's still wading out into the surf (with his mat under his arm)

But then it has to be him because someone is bodysurfing with a handplane

but it's not a handplane

It's a copy of Naval Architecture of Planing Hulls that he has shaped and glassed!

(besides he later walks by and says "nothing ventured nothing gained")

All this time I am sitting in the shore break

trying to get my fins on

I not sure I ever did get any waves because the next thing I knew my horse shows up

and wants to go home.

And that was what the surf was like in



Piskian said…
According to my dream-reading almanac from Naples,that means your lottery numbers this week should be 495730382...
Piskian said…
My Napoli informant has just told me there's even an app for it!La Smorfia.
tuskedbeast said…
I think this is the best post I've ever read here.
Valerie Johnson said…
I've dreamt more than once that i was bodyboarding down the LA River to get from someplace that's supposed to be Burbank, to somewhere that's supposed to be near San Pedro - but of course they're nothing like the real locations.

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