/*23 Breaths: No sleep for you!*/

Thursday, February 16, 2012

No sleep for you!

I was up at midnight
and that seems to be it for the night
a cat nap around 4 then up at 5 with the alarm
(although I hesitate to call it a cat nap considering that the cat is totally
sacked out, and has been for hours)
(quite the snore going too)

So around 3ish I got myself up and did some e shopping
Patagonia is having their end of the season sale
and I figured that even though I'll be sleepy all day
I might as well be fashionably dressed.

I know it makes no sense
but it did at 3am

I must say that anytime I am buying "things" these days
I stop and think "do I really need this new three handed spatula with the flames hand painted on the stainless steel shaft? You know I think I already have three in the drawer that you don't use"

But then I make up some BS excuse about helping the economy and just get whatever it is anyway.
Some twisted mutation of the primal hunter and gather instinct perhaps or maybe I just need more sleep.

In local weather news we got a quarter of an inch of rain yesterday and are forecast to have off shore winds for the next day or two.

Get out there and surf it up!

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Robin Thomson said...

I have also found that the older I get the happier I am to buy buy buy!