Tyler Warren and the Experiments

 Long story, but since the cat had been using my face as a speed bag for a while I decided that before he started using his claws I should get up and feed that sucker.

Which brings me be in front of the computer this morning, without my glasses and surfing the internet a bit early.

This it how I know something is up with Tyler Warren and the Experiments (which BTW would make a good band name if Mr. Warren's considerable talents run in that direction as well).

Perhaps there is some movie involved as all the stories seem to include a black rectangular box embedded in the text that we have all come to associate with YouTube and Vimeo.

Click anywhere on the internets to find out more.


What I had planned on talking about this morning was the high price of gas and how everyone is going to be riding one of these this summer

Gary Fisher's personal Klunker

But I think I'll save that for another day and just go back to bed.


mrmike said…
I have been riding one for ever rode one to work for 30 years' only fill up my vw van once ever two or three month maybe we should stop useing so much.
Piskian said…
That looks like a lovely ride.Mudguards essential here in Cornwall,and the hills are fierce.But great riding.
At least the cat wasn't using your pants yabbies as punchballs...

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