Go Surf

If you are a regular reader here at 23B

(although the phrase "regular" in this usage could be debated for days, but I digress)

you know that for lack of anything else I often sit look outside (unless I am already outside then I just look)

and try to figure out what is going on with our weather.

You see, after hoping and wishing and even pondering for quite a while for something that would, in these parts at least, resemble conditions that we could, with some accuracy call be"Winter"

I just gave up.

There was no hope.

I tried to just focus (as much as someone with extreme astigmatism can) on what a nice Spring it was.

But alas, no sooner had I squared my shoulders and turned to welcome the Spring with an open heart

it rained

not a lot

but enough to throw me into a quandary.

Fortunately I have new running shoes

And as everyone knows, when things get weird


And that

took care

of that!

As for the weather,

The trees are blooming

the grass in the backyard is up to my knees

the pollen count is off the chart

In the dead of winter

spring has come.

I tried to talk to the trees

"a little early to be throwing out buds dude!"

I sat the local bee collective down on their multi legged,

head, thorax and abdomen super structures

and suggested a brief break from their business

But as it turns out there is no arguing with bees.

Birds either for that matter.

So today, at the short end of what will be a long Febuary

It's going to be a nice Spring day

With maybe Fall like off shore winds.

Go Figure  

Go Surf

Go Rock Lobster


Brine Time said…
oh that pesky Gregorian Calendar is playing tricks on the earth's spin cycle
fully summer down here - wild storms, tropical heat, floods and I have a winter-like flu bug...strage days

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