Paipo mania

So absolutely everyone on Facebook is mad about Paipo's this season.

Tim posted the following clip in the Aquatic Apes group around the time Glenn got a new one for Wegener

These are fun to ride and definitely have some of the speed of mat riding.

In the clip I like the bodysurfer and paipo rider sharing a wave around the one minute mark.

From the YouTube description "Barry MGuigan shot footage on a 1964 trip to Hawaii. Included is footage of Leigh Tingle from Sydney. Tingle's board can be seen in a group shot - notable is the wood hand grip."


I'll reserve judgement to see if they're still mad about them in a year, the faddy f*ckers.

grumble... grumble... bah...

pranaglider said…
Gman - Paipos have been around for years. Back in the day kids that couldn't afford stand up boards could cut out a Paipo from some plywood and have a go. They are an interesting ride but they have their limitations. It's all good ;)
I think you've grabbed the wrong end of my stick! :-0

I ride bellyboards and paipos and love them. Had a great session with Piskian this weekend just gone. See here:

And here:

I wad referring to the fickle bandwagonistas who follow whatever fad is soulful at the given moment (ref "this season").

Wood is good!

Brine Time said…
I musy be behind the fad. Have ridden a lot of crafts over the last 40 years of surfing but never apaipo. What I want to try is the wooden handplane thing. When the surf suits I choose acraft to match - air, log, quad, single fin, fins. Paipo no. Hand plane yes.
Piskian said…
Farcebook?Tragic Peeweed?Who still uses such unhip tech?
I consult my Peruvian bladderwrack,artisanly foraged by fairtrade ethically sourced tribespeople.
LESider said…
G did you bail on facebook again!
Tried adding you to the group but you've vanished...
I'm still on there Tim. Net Gremlins I'm guessing.


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