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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Paipo mania

So absolutely everyone on Facebook is mad about Paipo's this season.

Tim posted the following clip in the Aquatic Apes group around the time Glenn got a new one for Wegener

These are fun to ride and definitely have some of the speed of mat riding.

In the clip I like the bodysurfer and paipo rider sharing a wave around the one minute mark.

From the YouTube description "Barry MGuigan shot footage on a 1964 trip to Hawaii. Included is footage of Leigh Tingle from Sydney. Tingle's board can be seen in a group shot - notable is the wood hand grip."


GRAYMAN said...

I'll reserve judgement to see if they're still mad about them in a year, the faddy f*ckers.

grumble... grumble... bah...


pranaglider said...

Gman - Paipos have been around for years. Back in the day kids that couldn't afford stand up boards could cut out a Paipo from some plywood and have a go. They are an interesting ride but they have their limitations. It's all good ;)

GRAYMAN said...

I think you've grabbed the wrong end of my stick! :-0

I ride bellyboards and paipos and love them. Had a great session with Piskian this weekend just gone. See here:


And here:


I wad referring to the fickle bandwagonistas who follow whatever fad is soulful at the given moment (ref "this season").

Wood is good!


Brine Time said...

I musy be behind the fad. Have ridden a lot of crafts over the last 40 years of surfing but never apaipo. What I want to try is the wooden handplane thing. When the surf suits I choose acraft to match - air, log, quad, single fin, fins. Paipo no. Hand plane yes.

Piskian said...

Farcebook?Tragic Peeweed?Who still uses such unhip tech?
I consult my Peruvian bladderwrack,artisanly foraged by fairtrade ethically sourced tribespeople.

LESider said...

G did you bail on facebook again!
Tried adding you to the group but you've vanished...

GRAYMAN said...

I'm still on there Tim. Net Gremlins I'm guessing.