mean while back in the lab

actually out back by the stables

Just so you don't think I have been frittering away my time this winter and not contributing anything to the general mat riding community

I give you

the mat pack horse!

Here is the first batch.  I'll be decanting more as soon as my shipment of horse feathers arrives.

These animals have been bred in the lab especially to carry my mat and fins deep into remote surfing areas.

The whole project was born out of the frustration of finding a decent wet / dry pack to hold all my stuff.

These little buggers are nimble as a minks. live on hay and a splash of water

Caution do not give them Red Bull!

I spent hours watching them crash into the walls like some sort of defective Roomba  vacuum!


Piskian said…
That is bloody weird.I was just wondering if anyone gets to beach by horse.Surely in Oz,Nz,or US.But then they have to look after themselves for 2 hours plus.We took a husky pack down to Lofoten once,but they just bury themselves in the snow and sleep.
pranaglider said…
As soon as I perfect time travel I'm going to travel by horse up and down the California coast and surf perfect waves on my mat with no one out!

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