Cold Snap Snap Sunset Strip


It's going to get down to 66 tonight

where are my uggs?

The current weather event, a late late summer heatwave

is thankfully waning 

To say it was an unusual summer season

doesn't quite cover it.

And every day it gets weirder

I'm getting too old to turn pro

As the old curse goes

"May you live in interesting times"

we do

That said, at least locally, we have had swell 

due to some late season tropical hurricanes 

*for those who like to keep score and are playing the home game. In the northeast Pacific we are up to storm Marie (next will be Norbert). The eastern Pacific storm name list omits names beginning with Q and U the Atlantic storm names also stop at W and then switch over the Greek alphabet (we are up to Gamma). Only the second time that's happened.


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