I Heart Variable Inflation


I was amazed that there weren't any surfmat bumper stickers

I am obviously easily amazed and wrong as it turns out

There are bumper stickers available over at the Mat Surfers site 

So this is going to be one of those "playing the home game" posts where I try to get you to come up with a good surfmat bumper sticker.

Feel free to blatantly rip off any existing themes

"My Honor Student Rides a SurfMat!"

"Give me Variable Inflation or give me Death" - I'm sure Patrick Henry would have ridden a mat

"One Score and Three Breaths ago" - a little obscure 

"Let some more air out and call me in the morning" 

You think you can do better?

Show me in the comments section! 

Have fun*

*political bumper sticker better be in good taste and really funny or they are gone.


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