An arm full of mats

The beautiful clouds we are experiencing here in southern california this morning
are a gift from Hurricane Marie along with a bit of short period swell.

Graham at a meet. 
Photo by Ken Samuels or maybe Dirk could be Jason too

I have been trying to come up with a name for a bunch of mats
and the gathering there of for a while now
with little to no success
I've even tried spelling it Mat Meat for at slim bit of levity but it still doesn't work for me
The mat meet will have to do 

this is the official mat signal - 
this is only a test. 
I case of an actual mat meet you would be given time date and location coordinates - 
this is only a test

one of the many things I look forward to
after the pestilence has gone
today - another hot one
the instructions remain the same
drink some water
wear a mask and vote


9 matters out on a busy Sunday yesterday at Lane. Much hilarity and confusion occurred.
Anonymous said…
Us SCUMMBAGs call it a mat swarm 😬😳

Anonymous said…
"Pig Pile" to us Seppos
speedshaper said…
?? A "flatulence of mats"??
Okemah said…
Carbon's a gas gas gas!
Anonymous said…
Couldn't an arm full of mats be a blow job?

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