What is one to do with them?

We can't eliminate them completely

(I've Tried, lordy how I've tried...)

What happens is that Sunday crashes into Tuesday

With all the undone laundry and other chores left undone from the weekend

and no one wants that.

My suggestion?

Spend the morning watch this video

sent in from the 23B GNW bureau chief ChileDub

A great bit of late 80's GD.

Bobby in short shorts for the ladies

playing the pink strat with the modulus carbon fiber neck now painted black

The drummers beating out the beets....

I'm always amazed that the two drummer thing works at all...that it works so well is a testimonial to their considerable talents

Brent singing and playing and keeping the middle filled up

Phil is playing what looks like a head-less bass with his pants tucked in....

Jerry being Jerry

It's a Monday you could do worse


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