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Wardie Ward gave us the the top to bottom tube shot that so many of us dream about 40 years ago. Tripping the shutter remotely on the camera Greenough wore on his back. Ward was in the channel timing the shot, Greenough, his hands full navigating the tube.

It was perfection, I have spent as many hours as anyone staring at it and I am forever grateful.

This 46 second video is worth even more to us that that beautiful tube sequence.

It gives us a textbook execution of something I am considerably more familiar with, surfing with a bunch of people in the line up and trying to have a little fun on a small rather mushy day.

School is in session mat riders.

The follow up graduate course on surfing massive grinders on your mat is largely self taught, good luck!


Robin Thomson said…
Couldn't agree more Prana. A highly educative video providing a perfect of example of the effectiveness of a ma for riding waves and how to use it to do so! This vid got the most traffic of any I have posted on the ASMR's Facebook page.
Robin Thomson said…
A mat I meant a mat!
Dave said…
Yeah,cos it,s not total bollocks,mate...

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