/*23 Breaths: JJ Cale*/

Friday, August 2, 2013

JJ Cale

Photo by Tim Jackson/Wireimage

Everyone has heard the hits,

After Midnight
They call me the breeze
and of course Cocaine

big hits for other artists

which gave Mr. Cale the luxury of doing what he liked to do,

play guitar

write songs

and live his life.

I have been delving into the Cale catalog as of late.

Yes, oh yes I've been delving,

and what strikes me about his music

is that rare combination of

simultaneous simplicity and complexity

at the same time...

His personal style is classically referred to as "laid back"

except on those occasions when he would really let it rip.

His melody and rhythm combinations were


for other musicians to build on

Great stuff!

oh did I mention the wicked sense of humor?
one more because it's a Friday

OK twist my arm

Here is Captain Beefheart's version of "Same Old Blues"

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