Fall Mornings and Summer Afternoons

It's been nice weather lately.

That late summer early fall which can be the best of all worlds in these parts.

The great tourist hordes have (somewhat) turned their attention from the beaches to what Justin Bieber notebook will match their new back to school wardrobe.

Some overcast / marine layer clouds in the morning (with some wind)

but it burns off by noon.

The Pacific wave machine seems to idling in neutral lately,

but there were a few Wedge days this summer, some south swell days in the Islands

the stories will incubate over the winter and by next summer this summer may very well


Not true of course, but this is how these things work,

"Half a million people in Huntington doing battle with the police over three days...order only restored after the military was brought in at the request of Ronald Reagan, you can still see the marks on the pier where they dropped the napalm ..."

If you have any historical perspective you understand.

I'm looking at the end of the summer garden and the start of the fall winter growth season.

After a few weeks there may even be some more surf.

I'm looking forward to some rain


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