good stuff

These things have a typical pattern for me

I ride things I normally don't get the chance to

and I ride my mat

but I always give the boards a look.
Usually I try whatever Pendo has brought.

Michael Emery took dims and an outline from a Liddle shape at Bird's Shed and had some discussions with Steve Pendo

My interest was piqued

To be honest I haven't really stood up surfing in years

But hey I gave it a go.
First wave was a set wave and a late take off at that,
the board took off like a shot
leaving me in a heap and swimming for the board.

Whilst some may be disappointed by this I found it encouraging.
Fast is good and even faster is even better.
A couple more waves and I found my sea legs.
The board was magic.

I understand someone bought it on the spot.

good stuff


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