Fun In The Sun - Expression Session

From the desk of or more probably the sandy beach towel of PMK-

Sunday August 18, 2013   7am at Beacons in Encinitas

Come join us at the beach to celebrate what we all love about summer. The surf forecast looks great and it promises to be another beautiful day in San Diego. Neptune left me a message claiming 3-4', warm water, perfect tides, sunny and 75 degrees.

To help celebrate, we invited our favorite shapers to bring down a bevy of their amazing designs for everybody to try out. So if you have ever wanted to glide across a wave on anything from a handplane, alaia, surf mat, paipo or a blow up (seal)bark-a-lounger, now's your chance.

The fine folks from greenlines will be up early providing coffee and refreshments for the dawn patrollers but the stoke will last all day.
Thank you, greenlines.

Demos provided by:
Brown Fish
Wegener Surfboards
Whomp Handplanes
Enjoy Handplanes
Patagonia Cardiff
Grain Surfboards
Green Lightning Surfboards
Leucadia United Bodysurfing Club
Pendoflex Surfboards
Surfy Surfy
more to follow...

In addition, I will be breaking out some private stash from my buddies at:
Papa Planes
Rocket Alaias
Hess Surfboards
Roger Beal Surfboards
Churchill Swimfins

I also have a boxfull of donated mix-matched swimfins so if you need a fin, come on down.
Can't wait to see you all in the water.


piskian said…
Free plastic surgery for those unable to bring smiling face.This is America,after all.
Neil Griffith said…
Sounds fun. Wish I wasn't 18 hours and avisa away.

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