One of these things,

is not like the others...

New Omni Blue Streak between the Standard and the Mini.

Because some will always ask

Fatty (bottom) - 20 breaths
Standard (next one up) - 16 breaths
Omni (the blue one) - 20 breaths (I know! but I think I was just getting light headed)
Mini Mat - 13 breaths

The happy stack before the Omni

I will need to apply grip to this mat since it doesn't have a canvas top.

I have spent the weekend pondering interesting graphical designs versus my (very) limited artistic abilities.

I had ordered one tube of white and one tube of black Vulkem but they ran out of white so black on blue is the call.

A the moment the "design" will look something like the webbing on a cantaloupe. The idea being that the deck will have a broader range of movement.

Only time will tell


Growling Gecko said…
Get that grip on and get it out there so as you can let us know how it goes!
Be careful not to "over gap" it. I did one with squares a while back and ended up topping it up. I find I can do a grip job with around 3/4 of a tube. Maybe 4/5.

Anyway, at the risk of spamming, those who lack the artistic talents of Prana Glider can get one here:


International shipping.



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