Never again!

Until next time...

I thought about it for weeks

I dreamt about it

Dare I say, I obsessed about it

Some design features never made it to the final spec

(the multi color Vulkem, the text and the disco ball never made the cut)

In the end

I gripped the mat

Like a drunken monkey

A couple of days drying time


I finally get to ride the thing!


If you have any questions or would like someone to do this sort of thing for you

talk to Graeme.

He has it all figured out


Paul Gross said…
I try to tell people what a nightmare working with Vulkem is.

You could make a drive-in horror trilogy on the subject!
pranaglider said…
Have them Google "star trek tar monster"

Nice grip through
Growling Gecko said…
Ummm. Glad I discovered a rashie would do the trick. Looking forward to the ride report!
Unknown said…
Looks alright, its the stippling bit I hate ;-)
pranaglider said…
The grip is good and the process is a bother. The smell is awful!
surfempty said…
That looks like a good job. You'll be tasting it (Vulkem) for a good few months yet though!
pranaglider said…
Yeah the "off gassing" is pretty bad. I moved the mat from the back yard to the garage and it really stinks. Nice grip though as I recall, I have been surfing the canvas tops lately. I just really wanted the ultra lite and pliable top material. We will see how it goes.
surfempty said…
It'll go like stink

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