Thanksgiving Mat Meet

Well as you all know

there are shoppers and there are surfers

of course

there are shoppers that surf and

surfers that shop


I was interested if anyone


would be inclined to a

a group surf

on the Friday after Thanksgiving

something to clear away

the tryptophan induced cobwebs

the location would depend on the size and home base of the group.

It might even be best to have multiple meets, an up north, a down south and a local surf city event.

It looks like there might be some swell

and the high tide looks like a manageable 5.5 feet at 5:43 am.

The title of the post says mat meet but, as always, feel free to bring anything you care to ride

Bring your Jing Tinglers, Flu Floopers, Tar Tinkers, Who Hoovers, Gar Ginkers, Trum Tupers, Slu Slumkers, Blum Bloopers, and of course where would we be without our Who Wompers ?!


Surfsister said…
Count me in! F$*! that Black Friday madness!
Anonymous said…
Yup, I'm in too!
Tom T.

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