My mother-in-law used to tell a story about Christmas gifts back on the farm she grew up on.

There was no extensive sales and marketing of the holiday.  No "Black Friday" no "Cyber Monday", no riots and no one was trampled to death trying to get the last marked down Tickle Me Elmo. Her favorite gift was an orange. You see by December the fresh fruit from the family farm was in short supply and something like a simple orange was quite a treat.

The "Holidays", no matter which ones you choose to celebrate, were different back then. Sadly there is no bridge to go back to those simpler times. We are all alive in times that perhaps call for a different approach.

First admit that what we are celebrating as Christmas is an economic holiday. The sales from gift giving prop up the economy from the manufacturing segment through transportation, retail, grocery and hospitality. Everyone is touched and arguably everyone benefits. Except those who try to find the measure of things without cash value.  

So create your own holiday traditions.

No color coded days of the week, no special codes for a discount, no charge card bills to pay off later.

Notice and celebrate the change of the seasons.

Be kind for no good reason.

Share what you have with someone.

Take the whole family to watch the sunset.

Make cookies.

It doesn't have to be much but you do have to do it with intention and awareness and of course you have to repeat it next year to make it a tradition.

Shipping is free if you act today!


Prana, Mahalo for your beautiful post. It is about the lovely simple things and times in life that are the sweetest. Aloha, Cher and Steve
PS: Fun tiny shore break this morning riding the 4GF Vespa RT :-)
Anonymous said…
Would the 4GF Standard that my wife ordered me for Xmas be expemt from this line of thinking? Steve
pranaglider said…
Steve and Cher - The simple things indeed.

Steve - It's not the buying it's the feeling behind it that matters. My wonderful wife Morgan's gift to me was the blue streak. A great gift!
Unknown said…
Thanks for posting that, means a lot.
mrmike said…
ivitalewe pick names and have to make something for ther gift
Yes Prana, The simple things, like time together. this is our gift :-)
pranaglider said…
so true "the family treasure doesn't come in through the gate"
you have a wonderful way with words Mr. Prana :-)
pranaglider said…
It's one of my favorite Zen quotes from long ago.

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