/*23 Breaths: Up at 5*/

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Up at 5

Ok, I'm up at 5am

did the dishes, started the laundry

made my lunch

let the cat out and in

and out and in

nothing I can do now but sit down and crank out another 23B

Problem is I've got nothin

I need some waves


harmless neighborhood eccentric said...

go surfing- there must be waves- no?

pranaglider said...

HNE, thanks for you comment. My problem is this, look outside. If it's light out then I'm at work. There are waves and I think it's probable good. I'm just being cranky. I'll get over it. Just a little seasonal bummer.

harmless neighborhood eccentric said...

i understand. i spent most of my working life in agriculture. if it was light out i was at work. i missed a lot of epic days. hang tough- you'll get yours.
shakas to you.

Michelle "Mikala" said...

No waves, but what a beautiful site! The waves will come when the surfer is ready! Just saying!