This mornings post evolved from two emails from fellow matters James and Tom

First up a note from James,

"its interesting to hear perspectives from people who have never ridden them :)
i dont expect many people will get it .
just offering my experiences and sharing what im into. 

the thing to remember is that  we are all surfing .

a bodyboard is somewhat like a military jet 
but there is one problem in surfing our speed comes from the waves not the planes engines

so the bodyboarder is constantly looking for the juice becasue w/o a certain amount of power the jet falls out of the sky and has shitty stall speeds compared to say a  bi plane or a hang glider.

meanwhile the surfmat is a better glider and actually gets up to the speeds of the jet with alot less wave energy to  push it 
the ride has a bit of a wild feeling to it cause going 
mach 2 in a hang glider is crazy shit.

seriously its like trying to compare flying a wingsuit to a jet fighter  no matter how much the jet fighte trys to say its better the wingsuit guy will just shake his head and say you just dont understand"

 Great stuff, James nails the mat / glider thing and I'm definitely posting this but I'll need some visuals for the text.

So I open an email from Tom

"Is it just that it's been too long since I've been out on my mat, or 
do I really see some mat-like aviation going on here?" 

Yes, Tom it's been too long and yes it's most definitely mat-like

And that's how 23B comes together in the morning.

James and Tom, first round's on me! Thanks


Ramsnake said…
Un$*%!@#beleivable is say to myself every time I see these guys doing their thing!
Brine Time said…
serendipity, the way the creative ooze forms into something articulate
lovin it - cheers

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