About two minutes

Ever since the Winter Solstice we have been getting a little more day light every day.

A gathering of Wiccan's, Druid's and  Matters at the Winter Solstice

Just about two minutes a day.  

Not much in the cornucopia of things that occur during our busy days, but like compound interest after a while it adds up.  For instance, I no longer go to work in the dark and come home in the dark. 

But the increased sunlight makes me think of things I'd like to do this upcoming Spring and Summer.

(so has watching the Volcom Pipeline Pro, but I won't be heading to the islands anytime soon) 

With all the rain we got this "winter" there train loads of sand at the local river mouths, waiting for distribution. While sand bars alone don't make for a good or possibly great spring / summer season, it can't hurt.

Photo by Jason at Daily Bread

If you are a movie maker and are interested in contributing to the crowdsourced MATMOVIE, mat rider and movie mogul Dirk Brandt had posted up a couple of new entries on the Mat Movie blog.

Probably a good time to start up your summertime asana practice too.


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