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Friday, January 28, 2011


Photo by Jason Hall see more at Daily Bread

Sometime today or maybe tomorrow the site meter I use to keep track of web traffic will roll over 100,000 page views for this blog.

Roughly 75,000 visitors to 23Breaths.

Quite a few for a small blog dealing with one small facet of surfing.

23B started as a way to share my love of riding surf mats.

Jason Hall of the Daily Bread blog took the photo above and it attracted many more readers that would have otherwise found their way here.  The same photo made an appearance on the Surfers Journal website which also attracted more readers.

As the mat rider population grew the blog became a meeting place for it's readers to contribute and share their experiences either online or offline in emails to me directly.

The Cottons mat meet last summer was a great time and brought together many new friends and some old friends I had never meet face to face.

I really think of you all as coexplorers really.

Riding surf mats is still a small club and it retains that "hi how are ya, glad to meet you" friendly feel that I just don't see in the main stream surfing community. We are all very lucky to experience some of the same camaraderie that hasn't been seen in the surf community since the 50's.

In the coming months I hope to include more photos and writing from other readers.

Other than that I don't know where we are headed and that is all part of the fun.

Thank you all  for coming along for the ride.

One more thing

On Monday I will be posting some pictures by Jason MacMurray the photographer / mat rider many of you may have meet at the Cotton's mat meet last summer. Rincon, Surf mats, Good stuff!


Jason Hall said...

Congrats you old salt!

Keep up the good fresh content!

Yea, that photo MADE you who you are today...online. (j/k ;/)


misterdirk said...

100K, wow... I'm probably responsible for about 18,000 of them! You really do a great job, B.

pranaglider said...

Dirk, I know for sure that 90,000 views are mine so you could only have 10K! Maybe I should just write you more emails!

Ramsnake said...

Good job Prana. You know we all luv ya!

Surfsister said...

Long live, 23B!! I love this blog and I love Bruce!

Matt23 said...

Good stuff Prana, let the camaraderie continue.

Piskian said...

Now all we need is a transatlantic Matmeet in The Azores in your honour,mate!Thanks for all the stoke,tips and postulations.

6ftnperfect said...

Best Mat Blog AND Best Surf Blog!

Word Ver = mastr